Q. I won’t be able to make every training season, will I be disadvantaged?
A. No. Our members live in various locations and live a variety of lifestyles and KSB understands you can not always make training. While KSB training sessions are a great way to stay motivated and ensure you stay on track to fulfill your potential, you will not ‘miss out’ on any events, or be treated any differently if you don’t attend training.

Q. Who can join Keilor St-Bernard’s?
A. Everyone is welcome to join KSB. There are both Summer and Winter Competitions for both men and women for all ages from 12 years old. You can also join KSB as an associate member, official or coach.

Q. Can I transfer over from another Athletics Victoria club?
A. Yes. Athletics Victoria allows an athlete to transfer between clubs. Transfer forms can be found on the AV website. KSB is always happy to accept current Athletics Victoria members.

Q. Will I be good enough?
A. YES! One of the most common misconceptions people have about athletic clubs is that they will be too ‘slow’ or ‘not good enough’ to join. KSB is composed of members of all abilities and provides a friendly and supportive environment. Whatever level of fitness or stage you are at KSB is able to help you reach your goals.

Q. Can I just train with the club?
A. Yes. KSB welcomes those they may have a particular gaol or aspiration they would like to achieve, such as a fun run, Marathon or just improve their general fitness level. The club provides a great environment to help you train, receive advice and stay motivated. While you under no obligation to compete, at KSB we have found that entering some of the season’s events is a fantastic way to train and build confidence. Many members have joined for a specific event and now find great enjoyment competing regularly in a variety of events.

Q. Can the whole family join and compete?
A. Yes. This is one of the beauties of athletics. With competition catering for both males and females in age groups from Under 14 through to overage divisions, it is one of the few  sports the whole family can be a part of.

Q. Do I have to compete and in every event?
A. No. In Winter Cross Country Competition, you may buy entry to individual events, thus fitting in with your goals, schedules and commitments. If however you plan to compete in a number of events then an AthleticsVictoria Winters seasons ticket is a more economical option and avoids the hassles of needing to register for each event separately. Athletics Victoria registration automatically entitles you to compete in all Summer Competitions.

Q. What type of club is Keilor St. Bernard’s?
A. KSB prides itself on its strong family focus. It provides a safe and supportive environment for members to train and socialise. Members regularly comment on the lack of ‘egos’ and the strong feelings of inclusiveness between members of all age groups.

Q. Am I covered by insurance at training and competitions?
A. Yes, however you will only be covered if you take out an Athletics Victoria membership.  Members solely of KSB are not covered.

Q. Privacy considerations, what about personal data and any images of me.

A-1. Your personal data such as name, age, address, contact details, etc will be stored within the clubs information systems and also in Athletic Victoria's systems. The club will not disclose your personal information without consent to a third party, institution or authority except where required by law or other regulation.

A-2. Images/photographs: The club's registration form has a clause about using images taken during club and Athletics Victoria events being used for promotional purposes such as this web site. If you do not wish your image displayed this can  be arranged.