Last updated: April 9, 2016, 8:19:31 PM

Fees & Forms

The KSB membership fee structure follows that of Athletics Victoria, however discounts on club fees are available for families with a large club membership. If you wish to participate in Athletics Victoria competitions and train with the club you must be a member of Keilor St-Bernard's club and Athletics Victoria.

The KSB annual fees are used for club operational costs including payments to St. Bernard's College  and Keilor Park (Brimbank Council) for the use of facilities, equipment for training, trophies presented for the winter and summer seasons, Athletics Victoria relay competition fees, coach recruitment and training etc.

Athletics Victoria has revised its fee structure for the 2016-17 year. AV fees now consist of a "membership" fee and a "participation" fee for winter XCR, summer track and field or championship events. Membership of Athletics Victoria commences when an athlete registers with Athletics Victoria and pays the membership fee. Membership of KSB commences when an athlete registers with KSB and pays the membership fee.

Note: You may be a member of KSB and not a member of Athletics Victoria however you are NOT insured under the Athletics Australia and Athletics Victoria insurance policy’s. It is your risk and not recommended.

Individual XCR event entry fees are no longer charged. The under 16 age category has been removed, all junior (under 20) athletes pay a single common fee.

Keilor St-Bernard's and Athletics Victoria fees are as follows:


Note: Athletics Victoria has a dual registration scheme for members of the Little Athletics association and Athletics Victoria members and various discounts for specialist membership/s, for details refer to the Athletics Victoria website or membership form.


Please note: Athletics Victoria and KSB membership renewals and/or applications should be processed via the Athletics Victoria Member Portal.  Paper membership forms are also available (links below) however may incur additional processing fees (from Athletics Victoria).

The Athletics Victoria web portal and its registration process/es currently have limited mechanisms for clubs to manage their registration processes. The KSB "paper" registration form has the following clauses which a prospective member must agree with and sign off on.

Assistance: "The club is required to supply officials at numerous Athletics Victoria winter and summer events. As a member of the club or the parent of a member of the club you are requested to assist the club meet its obligations by assisting whenever possible."

Permissions: Images: "In signing this form I acknowledge and consent to photographs and electronic images being taken of me during my participation in Athletic Victoria and Keilor St-Bernards events which could be used for promotional or other purposes without my further consent being necessary."

Outlook:  "I agree to participate and compete in the spirit and manner which is that of the Keilor St Bernard's Athletic club."

Your registration with KSB via the Athletics Victoria registration processes indicates that you agree with the above three paragraphs.

If you have any questions regarding membership application and/or renewal, please contact the club prior to completing the online process.

For KSB: KSB-REG-8mar16-1.pdf

For Athletics Victoria:

(Note: A 2016-17 form will be available on the AV Website around the end of March 2016).

Club Bank details:  Bank WESTPAC, BSB 033062, Account 569615.